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Dr. Kristy Vanacore

Release the Magic!!!

It’s time to run unbridled with like-minded other women in your full glory! These one-of-a-kind retreats allow participants to indulge in a half-day, full-day, weekend or week-long period to rest, recharge, reflect and recalibrate. Gift yourself with an immersive deep dive into yourself for expansion, growth, and transformation. As a sacred collective, we will venture out of our comfort zones while in the safety of our shared container, and take vision quests and magical, adventurous journeys together.

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ReWilding Retreats are exclusive all-inclusive retreat for women ages 18 and older.

Prepare to
Strip Naked

Prepare to strip naked of all limitations to discover your essence through an innovative weekend of ceremony fusing sound healing, therapeutic and conscious dance, writing and creative expression, Shamanic Reiki, hiking, meditation, and more. Connect with the inherent rhythms of your physical and energetic bodies while exploring the ancient healing art of storytelling to restore balance and vitality.

 As we move our bodies in natural waves to reveal the sacred microcosms of energy that string together to form the words of our stories, the lyrics of our souls will finally sing.

Are you...

Holding onto limiting beliefs, trapped emotions and traumatic memories?

Feeling incomplete and detached from your roots and your essence?

Longing to rekindle the flames of your wild, instinctual self?

Starving for connection, community, and camaraderie?

Ready to reclaim your freedom and the courage to release the stories imprinted within your being?

Excited to take your healing journey to the next level?

What Participants Say...

Kristy’s ReWilding Retreat was incredible! Gathering in community and being surrounded by so much love and powerful healing energy was amazing. Kristy guided us in reconnecting with the wisdom of our elders, nature, and our own intuition. I see my entire life differently now.
J. C., 39, mother of two
I am so thankful that I took a chance and participated in the ReWilding Retreat. Coming together in community with women, sharing experiences, learning about our natural ways and rhythms, reconnecting with the practices of our ancestors was so powerful.
N. K., 37, entrepreneur
Kristy’s weekend retreat was a powerhouse of energy, love, and connection. Everything was so well thought out, and everyone felt the abundance of love and energy that was put into planning the activities. I never would have believed that my life could change in such a short time.
-A.Z., 44, Mom of three, executive

Reserve Your Place in the Wild

Gather in sprawling, bucolic horse country, just north of the city to:

Limited to 15 Participants

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*Check-in Friday at 2pm; Check-out Sunday at 10am
Rock Springs Retreat Center Castalian Springs, TN
Shuttle service available from BNA Airport, Nashville.

To Register: Call Dr. Kristy directly at 914-497-8006 for a personal welcome, itinerary details, and prime room reservations.

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